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Our Lilies

Welcome to our world of exquisite lilies, where beauty blooms in every petal and elegance dances in every hue. As a premier producer of lilies, our commitment is to deliver the finest floral experience, and we proudly present our distinguished collection featuring LA Lilies, Oriental Lilies, TA Lilies, OT Lilies, and the enchanting Roselilies.

LA Lilies

Renowned for their captivating allure, LA Lilies stand as a testament to the perfect fusion of grace and sophistication. Their large, trumpet-shaped blooms boast a remarkable color palette, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Delicate and fragrant, LA Lilies are the epitome of refined beauty.

OT Lilies

The majestic OT Lilies, a crossbreed of Oriental and Trumpet lilies, showcase a perfect union of size and splendor. Towering stems adorned with colossal blooms make a bold statement, while their velvety petals exude a regal allure. OT Lilies redefine grandeur and remain a timeless choice for those seeking a truly majestic floral display.

Oriental Lilies

Indulge your senses with the rich fragrance and opulent charm of Oriental Lilies. These regal blooms are celebrated for their voluptuous petals and intense aroma, creating an ambiance of luxury and allure. The Oriental Lily collection showcases a spectrum of colors and patterns, ensuring a visual symphony that captivates the heart.


Step into a realm of enchantment with our Roselilies – a delicate fusion of lilies and roses. These captivating blooms not only exhibit the elegance of lilies but also feature multiple layers of petals, resembling a rose. Roselilies offer a unique charm, making them the quintessential choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

TA Lilies

Transcending traditional elegance, TA Lilies enchant with their unique blend of colors and striking patterns. These hybrid treasures boast a harmonious marriage of trumpet and Asiatic lilies, resulting in a floral masterpiece that exudes contemporary charm. TA Lilies stand as a symbol of innovation and sophistication.


At our Lily sanctuary, we take pride in cultivating these exceptional varieties with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each bloom is a testament to our passion for perfection, and we invite you to elevate your floral experience with our world-class LA Lilies, Oriental Lilies, TA Lilies, OT Lilies, and Roselilies – where nature's artistry meets horticultural excellence.

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